2021: After going 16-3 in 2018 the team went 13-3-1 at various recruiting events this year. Over 35 D1 and D2 coaches I have spoken      with and more are to come.                                                     

2022: 20 - 4 this year. Coach Dewitt's team had a great year. They made it to 3 championship games winning 2 championships. Watching this team play this past weekend was exciting as they truly have many D1 players on their roster. 

2023: 15-5-3 on a very difficult travel tournament circuit. This team also won one tournament and really excelled throughout the year. Thank you to Coach Murtha, Glen and Lee for a great season.

2024:  17-5 2 with 2 championship game appearances. This team was truly amazing and had some really great wins this year.


2025: 13 - 7  with 4 championship game appearances. This was by far our most improved team this year. Coach Ally, Keith and Glen did an amazing job with this team. Again, as many of you know, we changed coaches last year. The girls really took to our new coach Ally and the team had an amazing year.

2026: 12-3-5 This team really competed at every tournament and took home one championship. Really excited about the potential of this group and them getting better down the road. Thank you to Coach Ray, Brian and Jay for a great season

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