Current Teams and Coaches

2021 11th Grade: Caitlin Murray, Tim Dowler, Jeff Koutsantanou 

2022 10th Grade: Lauren Young - Hofstra 

2023 9th Grade: Mike Murtha - Sachem East HS, Melanie Corso, Glen DeMarino, Lee Giddens - Hills East JV Coach

2024 8th Grade (Blue) : Mike Hall, Adam Cohen & Kristin Pirozzi

2024 8th Grade (White) : Emily Bellino - UMass Lowell

2025 7th Grade: Ally Smithwick, Keith Bettencourt & Glen DeMarino

2026 6th Grade:  Erin McNulty & Kristin Pirozzi

2027-5th Grade: Randy Grossman

2028-4th Grade: Emily Bellino - UMass Lowell & Ron Ardito

Our Trainers:  Mike Murtha - Sachem East HS Coach,  Emily Bellino - Umass Lowell, Lauren Young Goalies,  Corrine Gandolfi & Erin McNulty 

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